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TechAccel LLC

A New Model for De-Risking and Advancing Technology

Technology Acceleration Partners (TechAccel, LLC) Founded in 2014 by Michael Helmstetter, Ph.D.; Kansas State University; and Bicknell Family Holding Company, TechAccel is a first-of-its-kind private capital development company that invests in, acquires, and accelerates early-stage discoveries and technologies in agriculture, animal health, and food ingredient sectors.

Through collaborations with universities and research organizations, TechAccel conducts innovative research and development to ready technologies for commercialization by TechAccel's global industry partners.

Technology Acceleration Partners (Techaccel, Llc) Agriculture Animal Health And Food Technology Advancement

Technology Acceleration Partners (Techaccel), Llc Agriculture Animal Health And Food Technology Advancement

TechAccel leverages innovation in emerging, start-up companies where science advancement is a priority.

TechAccel co-invests with Venture Capital leaders where transformative innovation exists with significant science advancement needs.

TechAccel leverages early stage technology at universities to address partner needs.  Universities are also our primary source of SMEs and research capabilities. 

TechAccel partners with Multi-National industry leaders in co-advancement and de-risking of transformative technologies. 

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