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August 29, 2014  Kansas City Business Journal

Big names help startup herd high-risk tech to market

August 30, 2014 St. Joseph News-Press

Key sector relies on investment

September 3, 2014 Animal Pharm 

New investment firm targets animal health sector

September 5, 2014 Kansas City Business Journal

Editorial: Leveraging KC’s strengths to get stronger

September 5, 2014 Kansas City Business Journal

Brianne Pfannenstiel: Food crisis will need bumper crop of tech

october 1, 2014 Thinking bigger news media Vol 23, issue 10

Investing in Innovation: Q+A with Michael Helmstetter of TechAccel

october, 2014 Technology Transfer Tactics Vol 8, number 10

k-state co-founds company in novel effort to de-risk and commercialize more ip