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In our global partner projects - once we achieve pre-determined development milestones, we transfer control of the technology over to the partner to complete regulatory (if required), commercialization and global distribution.  The handoff occurs through the execution of a license or buy out agreement that has been pre-negotiated with our partner prior to the initiation of the project. 

If you are a CRO, University or Research Institution focused on Agriculture,  Animal Health and/or Food Science, we want to hear from you.  Please click here and provide information regarding your capabilities, certifications and interests.

We work closely with research service providers to actively manage each project to ensure that tasks are performed as planned so that timely go/no-go decisions can be made on the future direction of the research.  If research is not meeting milestones we make objective decisions with our collaborators to end a project so that we may “Fail Quick, Fail Cheaply” on projects that will not succeed.  The preparation of interim and final research reports, along with all of the associated data, will be managed by our project managers.  

Advancement Research

Projects that enter the TechAccel development process will be advanced at select research service providers (Contract Research Organizations, Universities or Research Institutes) that have a proven track record for being able to initiate & complete projects on time and on budget for clients.  Our scientific due diligence team and project managers will work with our partner to develop realistic research protocols and budgets to be followed by the selected research service provider.