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TechAccel LLC

​​​√ Flexibility 

      Technical/Market Focus Areas 

      Relationship/Deal Structures

      Deal terms

      Exit Options

      Accommodate other predictable/unpredictable shifts in strategy or ‘course corrections’

Our capital deployment in combination with the science advancement expertise

Our broad network of subject matter experts, research universities and CROs

Our portfolio approach – company success is not dependent on a single product or platform

Our expertise in sourcing, integrating and managing multi-disciplinary and multi-institutional research

Our Midwest locale and access to key regional assets

We don’t prioritize IP ownership or ‘fee for service’ in our model. Our financial success in each deal/project is performance-based and dependent on the success or anticipated success of the technology or capability in the market place

We can acquire technology with potentially more favorable terms

We provide surge R&D to address spikes in partner R&D needs

Our model interfaces with all the main elements of the Agriculture Innovation Ecosystem