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Our R&D investment does not focus on the core of the company's scientific product(s)/platform(s), but rather provides additional capital to advance new discoveries - potentially in adjacent areas - as well as in adjacencies - areas additive to the companies core innovation.  Areas such as device development, delivery systems, pilot scale manufacturing, formulation needs, etc.  

We are very selective in the companies where we make this two layered investment.  One of the challenges in making investments in emerging companies with potentially disruptive technology is that the data necessary to make informed investment decisions does not typically exist. Our Investment Evaluation Process is designed to be extremely thorough and in performed in a 3 tiered approach leveraging TechAccel investor input at each tier.

Emerging Company Investments

Significant innovation exists in emerging companies domestically and globally.  This innovation often fills gaps and/or adjacencies in multi-national industry leaders' pipeline.  The TechAccel investment model includes a pillar focused on investment in these emerging innovators.  Our investment is delivered in two manners.  First, is an equity position which ensures TechAccel is a contributing capital investor in the emerging company's syndicate.  Second, is our 'value add' science advancement capital.  This is where TechAccel's model delivers above standard equity investments.  We bring additional capital, as well as needed R&D capability and capacity, to these emerging companies.