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Technology Scouting & Sourcing

In response to identification of partner need, TechAccel sources technology solutions globally through direct interaction with technology developers/holders - most often universities and emerging companies.  Through collaboration and awareness, we work with innovative small businesses, universities and research institutions with technologies/capabilities intersecting the global food system and the global pet population. 

Universities and Research Institutions
Universities will be a primary source of technology for multi-national product partners through their research and proof of concept activities.  TechAccel's advancement model furthers the basic research performed at the university to a point where it can enter the partner's internal technology portfolio.

Emerging Companies  
Emerging companies, typically venture funded, that have transformative technologies (often identified by the TechAccel partner company) in development.

Partnering Companies

Near term deal flow may come from company partners for technologies that they cannot fund entirely themselves in a certain year or the risk profile does not allow them to pursue alone.  For example, even though an industry leading Partner can only pursue technologies ranked in priority from 1 through 10, technologies 11 through 15 on the priority list may have significant market potential.  However, because of resource limitations and/or the technology having a higher risk profile, the Partner does not pursue the technologies alone.  TechAccel is the private capital partner that can co-fund and manage the development of technologies 11-15, allowing the Partner company to broaden its R&D capacity and technology pipeline.

Identification of Partner Need

TechAccel teams with partners for the entire identification, selection, and development process so there is no question on what the acquisition, advancement, and exit strategies are on a given technology.  Partner need may be associated with adjacent market areas, reprioritization of an owned technology, seeking new and/or more advanced solutions to their current market sector portfolio as well as others.