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Corporate-sponsored research funding required to advance TechAccel projects.  TechAccel projects annual outsourced research contracts of approximately $3-5million/year

A new licensing route for your Agriculture, Animal Health and, Food innovations.   We focus on technologies that have significant market potential but are too early for a global industry leader to in-license at its current stage of development

√Collaborations to bridge university intellectual property with university corporate partners. TechAccel brings capital and expertise to advance technologies to a development stage where they are of interest to these industry leaders

Consulting opportunities for leading university researchers in Agriculture, Animal Health, and Food sectors. Consulting relationships typically focus on technology due diligence/assessment as well as scoping out milestone-based research agendas

Research Universities

A university alliance with TechAccel benefits both the institution's technology transfer office by advancing more innovation as well the core research office through new corporate-sponsored research.  

TechAccel provides the following opportunities to university collaborators:

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