The TechAccel project/deal portfolio includes significant equity investments in agriculture, animal health and food ingredient emerging companies.  Like traditional Venture Capital, we strive to invest in transformative, entrepreneurial ideas. We look for companies with technologies that fit within our overall investment thesis.  

Our equity investment pillar is unique in that we bring more than equity capital to these emerging companies.  We focus our equity investment dollars on companies that also have a strong science advancement need.  Thus, we have access to game changing technology organizations and can bring additional capital to the table investing in R&D in areas of value to the core of the start-up company, including adjacencies, new discoveries outside the core 'swim lanes' and value add elements (such as delivery systems, manufacturing challenges, pilot scale applications, formulations, etc).

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Venture Capital plays an important role in the period in a company’s life when it truly begins to advance and commercialize its innovation.

This investment focuses on building the infrastructure required to grow the business, as wells the validation and advancement of the core innovation - i.e., investing in a company’s Product(s)/Platform(s) until it reaches a sufficient size and credibility that an exit event takes place.